Disposable safety huber needle

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Disposable safety huber needle

Disposable safety huber needle

Safety Huber Needle is designed for sole and easily to insert into implantable port access device and continuously intra-arterial infusion chemotherapy.

The safety mechanism is covered in the plastic shield. Once the needle has been pulled through the base, the shield covers the needle point and locks it. The safety mechanism protects clinicians and patients from accidental needle-stick injuries during needle removal, transport and disposal of the Safety Huber Needle.

90°stainless steel Non-Coring Needle, Needle cap, Color coded needle hube with soft wing and Safety shield, DEHP free 8 in. PVC tube, Y injection site with Needleless connector or Heparin cap, Robert clamp and Luer adapter, Paper-Poly Pouch.

19, 20, and 22 Gauge x 3/4" and 1"

1. This product must be used only for trained personal and under professional supervision.
2. Do not fold and winding while using, to prevent tube blocking.
3. For single use, discard after use.
4. Do not use if the bag is opened or damaged or without needle cap.
5. It is valid for 3 years only. Do not use expired product;.