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Disposable bacterial filter

Disposable bacterial filter

Bacterium/Virus Filter is made of medical grade polymer materials and manufacturing in 100,000 sterile workshop, sterilized by EO gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic. This product is a disposable product, mainly use for the anesthesia machine and ventilator pipe to filter bacteria and virus, and also use for pulmonary function tests equipment to lower respiratory tract infection rates after intubation, reduce patient pain, while protecting anesthesia breathing equipmen.


Tidal Volume (ml): 150-1200.

Bacterium Filter Rate (%):≥99%.

Virus Filter Rate (%):≥99%.

Filter Medium: Electrostatic superfine polypropylene fiber.

Sterile: EO gas.
HO6020 (HMEF)、HO6130 (HMEF angled)、HO7010 (Conventional type)