The 82nd  China International Medical Equipment (Autumn)Fair

Column:Company news Time:2019-10-12
The 82nd China International Medical Equipment (Autumn)Fair will be held in Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition from October 19th  to October 22nd , 2019!

The 82nd China International Medical Equipment (Autumn)Fair will be held in Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition from October 19th  to October 22nd , 2019.The exhibition will showcase the latest products, technologies and services at home and abroad including in vitro diagnostics, emergency medical rescue and pre-hospital first aid, orthopedics, medical optics, medical electronics, medical imaging, mobile medical, hospital construction, medical services, and smart health.

Guangdong Haiou Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd., one of the exhibitors, was founded in 1997 and is a professional manufacturer of sterile medical devices approved by the State Food and Drug Administration. After years of hard work and innovation, Haiou Medical is leading the industry in product quality, research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities. The main products include: infusion, respiratory anesthesia, oxygen and medical catheter disposable medical equipment consumable products.

Haiou Medical sincerely invites colleagues, partners and experts in related fields to visit and talk about cooperation!

The 82nd  China International Medical Equipment (Autumn)Fair


Time: October 19-22, 2019


Venue: Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition


Booth No: N6-C23


We look forward to your visit!